Please note that our garments come up on the larger side, for instance a 2-4 years is for a 4 year old, so no need to buy a size bigger.














We know it’s tricky choosing a size for a baby that you haven’t seen yet, so we have put together this guide to help you out.

The thing is that babies are babies and they are each there own size (bless ‘em) so if you do get it wrong then don’t worry we will happily replace any item for a bigger/smaller size.*

Size 56 (0-3 months)
For the perfect gift for a baby shower best to go for the teeny newborn – it’s so small that it’s bound to get everyone cooing. Give them to your friends then rest at ease knowing that their baby will be looking cool from day one.

Size 62 (3-6 months)
If baby has been born for a few weeks but you are not quite sure exactly how long, best to go for a size 68.(6-9M)

Size 76 (6-12 months)
Fat baby? – no worries, we love them – best to buy a size bigger, so go for a size 68 especially if you won’t see them for a while.

Size 90 (1-2 years)
Our size 90 happily fits up to a 1½ -2 year year old. So buy it when they are 1 and get their wear out of it. Great for First Birthday presents.

Size 104 (2-4)
buy it big and wear it baggy.

Size 116 (4-6 years)
Haven't you grown, before you know you will be pinching your mums clothes (ok maybe not- your wardrobe is already far cooler than hers).

Size 128 (6-8 years)

Size 140 (8-10 years) - yep definately a big kid now, at ant the moment the biggest size that we do - so buy the whole collection and wear it everyday.

REMEMBER:If you don’t have kids you can always buy any size for your lovely partner, telling him/her  you have finally found a reason to start a family - free special suprise to anyone who does.

* If you buy the wrong size no worry we will happily change it. All returns are to be unwashed and unworn with the original packaging and tags.